Who was Miss Rosie Laughton of Walkerville?

At the auction of Miss Rosie’s estate I purchased a box of Charles Dickens old hard covered books all of which have inscriptions to the father of the family, also to my delight and surprise the box contained some random photos. My research will begin around these plus I will go on to the ancestry.com.au web site to do further investigation, I may even door knock her street!

Below is a list of the photos:

– Victorian photo of a Victorian lady dressed in a wedding gown by Hammer & Co Adelaide “Vice Regal Photographers”

– Beautiful head and shoulder shot of women in off the shoulder black dress, 1900? By Hammer & Co inscribed on back “Bessie Caroline Clayton”

– Wedding photo of regal looking woman. Hammer &n Co. Inscribed on back “Frances Laughton (nee Clayton) married December 1913 at St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide SA

– Wedding photo another regal looking young woman, Hammer & Co. Inscribed on back Ruby Susannah Heseltine (nee Clayton) married in St Peter’s College Chapel 1908.

– Group of 6 men with golf clubs around 1900.

– Yankalilla Anglican Church School House 1900 a number of children in the photo.

– Two Victorian ladies sitting outside a house, could be mother and daughter, inscription on back says “B.C. and Elizabeth Clayton at 9 Robe Terrace, Medindie early 1900’s.

I also know from attending the auction that there was a lot of St Peter’s College memorabilla such as beautiful trophies and school photo albums, Miss Rosie’s father attended the prestigious Adelaide boys college.

Miss Rosie’s mother Frances came from the Clayton family who appear to be very well to do and she appeared to marry well when in 1913 she married Mr…………….Laughton in the stately St Peters Cathedral.

Amazing how much information can be gained from a few old photos. It is also very possible that someone reading this blog will know something of these people that I am writing about, it would be amazing if they made contact!

Next blog will catalogue the inscriptions inside the books which will shed more light on Miss Rosie.

Blessings Julie gcg

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to “Who was Miss Rosie Laughton of Walkerville?”

  1. Andrew Dearman on June 8, 2011

    What an interesting story this is. Last year came accross a collection of old negatives and photograhs in a second hand market of a young couple and their two children. Many of the negatives are dated, begining in 1917 through to 1931. The only name on the envelopes containing the negatives was ‘Betty’. Abouth six weeks ago I found another collection of negatives of the same family from the same time. 200 all together. Two weeks ago the person that I bought both collections from told me that there were more. He wouldn’t sell them to me, however he lent them to me so that I could scan them. One particular image was taken from the roof of their house, looking southeast towards the city. Using details in the landscape, a ubd, and googlemaps I have been able to locate the house and it’s specific address. Using that information, I’ve just in the last hour found the surname for ‘Betty’. Elizabeth Laughton, sister of Rosemary Laughton. Their Mother was Frances, and their father, Reginald Alfred Lampier Laughton. All of this has fallen into place from that one photograph that Reginald Laughton tood of his wife and baby child Elizabeth from the roof of their house. Thought that you might be interested.

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